Wednesday, January 3, 2007

How to communicate with a blind child


George Abraham said...

while communicating with a blind infant, one needs to use a lot of body contact, audio and love. I do not think eye contact can be made. Can anyone suggest ways of making eye contact.

Anonymous said...

When you have a blind chiold, you need to hug the child and hold him or her close to your body to express and communicate your love and affectgion.

namita said...

if you observe a child with vision, although the eyes and visual contact are central to interaction, you can see the fingers, the hand and feet twitch and wriggle as they interact even when they are a few months. When an infant is totally blind, look at their hands and feet to see how they signal interest, attention and pleasure. You will be surprised!Each of you pick some different action like kissing the forearm as your particular greeting to help theinfant start distinguishing between different people in his social environment.

With older children, giving auditory clues, maintaining proximity and occassionally touching helps them know you are near and still giving them your attention.

Remember also that most children have some residual vision and if you understand what they can see, you can generally make sure you are visible to them.